Last To Miss 3 Pointer Wins $10,000 Ft. Faze Rug

29-Okt, 2020
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Faze Rug invited us round to try out his brand NEW basketball court! What better way to test it out than with a crazy $10,000 challenge!
Check out Rug's video -
Last To Miss Layup Wins $10,000
Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX!
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  • Hey guys! Here are the giveaway winners! Ig: Josego2crazy Ig: av.xrz Congrats to the winners and thanks everyone for entering!

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  • Know this is off subject, but happy birthday xxxtentacion

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  • Btw i didn't know Jesser but when he got a collab with FazeRug i luv him now...btw also this vid got recommended to me

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  • The Collab we didn't expected but the collab we needed🤗

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  • Kris: a granny free throw . Me: you couldn’t make a regular one!

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  • God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

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  • My social media is @_total_humor_ I’m from Italy 🇮🇹😂

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  • Love y’all’s content hopefully one day I’ll get to see y’all I love y’all videos keep up the good work ‼️🙏

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  • Paris saint german basketball Jersey?

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  • who else say this on tiktok

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  • 5:50 James on a soccer throw in you cannot jump. Your feet have to stay on the ground

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  • These are free throws

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  • The penitent judo postprandially pop because squirrel actually preach but a mysterious risk. industrious, equal bell

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  • I think that faze rugs brother should join 2hype and live at the main house

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  • I’m a better free throw shooter😕☹️

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    • so? show off

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  • I love how rug had a man city t shirt because im a fan

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    • I know

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  • Chris can't make a free throw and then he goes to a granny shot

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  • Chris is doing the basketball challenge

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  • Who’s faze rug?

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  • Chris in horse should’ve just kept dunking it and he would win

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  • try to win

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  • In the first there where so many bricks

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  • Who else knows faze rug

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  • Jesser: this one is for all the kids Zack: he hates kids

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  • I knew it when rug said he had you tubers to colab

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  • that's the only time that court even bout to be used

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  • Is it just me or did everyone have the same J as rug back in elementary

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