Last To Miss Freethrow wins $10,000

24-Iyn, 2020
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An unreal basketball challenge out here for everyone today! Me and the boys did a series of money challenges for $10,000!!!
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Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX!
Last to Leave hotub wins $10,000
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  • When kris shot that free throw it was a air ball

    Kingston GriffinKingston Griffin6 kun oldin
  • Who else flinched at the intro

    Alexander ShawAlexander Shaw7 kun oldin
    • Kid it wasn’t supposed too

      Jay and kay gaming 12Jay and kay gaming 122 soat oldin
  • 0:51 is that the original ds sound???

    MDawg_ PlayzMDawg_ Playz9 kun oldin
  • Your so good gis

    Gianna DonniniGianna Donnini9 kun oldin
  • Mopi im your supporter dont stop in your dream i love u from philippines

    Alhyka MolinarAlhyka Molinar16 kun oldin
  • lebron 11s

    Vera PantelicVera Pantelic28 kun oldin
  • I mean i hate kris

    Jo NadelaJo NadelaOy oldin
  • I hat kris

    Jo NadelaJo NadelaOy oldin
  • Why is cash not in these types of vids

    Parker McKinneyParker McKinneyOy oldin
    • bc he was in luossana

      Jordan ShoemakerJordan Shoemaker24 kun oldin
  • Chris is the best

  • bruh i can buy a whole flat in 6000$

    Varun BalramVarun BalramOy oldin
  • Jordan one

    Tanner The Green MachineTanner The Green MachineOy oldin
  • Nobody. Kris. I love money baby

    Recep Kerem SarışıkRecep Kerem SarışıkOy oldin
  • Jiedel is Larry bird in Canadian form

    NabeelNabeelOy oldin
  • Bruh I flinched at the beginning. 😂😂😂

    HBR_Ghostkill ZHBR_Ghostkill Z2 oy oldin
  • No get the manscaped lawnmower 3.0

    Josephine FayardJosephine Fayard2 oy oldin
  • Cz

    Mateo ‘Tater’ DentMateo ‘Tater’ Dent2 oy oldin
  • Jeideils pic though is mad scare and check out my UZworld channel nevindylanbro

    Nevin Dylan broNevin Dylan bro2 oy oldin
  • You can tell when they are going to make it by the music

    Benjamin DittmanBenjamin Dittman2 oy oldin
  • Why were there no dunk attempts ? 🥱😬

    Kalani EldertsKalani Elderts2 oy oldin
  • Why’s his basketball so small

    Ryan MarshallRyan Marshall2 oy oldin
  • Is no one gonna talk bout the fact that half the time when they missed they didn’t take a life away..

    321 Angles321 Angles2 oy oldin
  • He’s wearing a Lonzo ball jersey no wonder why he’s missing

    Isaac CorderoIsaac Cordero2 oy oldin
  • This music compose so fuckly baddest

    Checkmate LoverCheckmate Lover2 oy oldin
  • Isn't it called bump? Or is that just a Canadian thing

    Samson BoldizarSamson Boldizar2 oy oldin
  • Kris needs to wear a antetekompo jersey

    W.E.W & other stuffW.E.W & other stuff2 oy oldin
  • Get him the most ugliest shoes u can find

    Holly SchmidtHolly Schmidt2 oy oldin
  • no

    Joseph MooreJoseph Moore2 oy oldin
  • jesser is luka doncic

    Basketball and trampoline starBasketball and trampoline star2 oy oldin
  • Nike mags

    Steve TokolySteve Tokoly2 oy oldin
  • insane lebron 17 s

    radhika muraliradhika murali2 oy oldin
  • That kid with the lebron jersey is just disrespecting the whole game

    Deavan RiveraDeavan Rivera2 oy oldin
  • y’all nerds playin knock out at the free throw line

    Landon CochranLandon Cochran2 oy oldin
  • Who plays knock out from the free throw?

    K. SANKOFAK. SANKOFA2 oy oldin
  • Get mopi some Jordan mids

    leosvibingleosvibing2 oy oldin
  • Let’s just say mopi sucks

    Ashley HoweAshley Howe2 oy oldin
  • Repent from your sins! The Lord loves you! Jesus is coming! Please wake up, how many times the Lord warned you, don't waste the chance the Lord is giving you, come back to him! Repent! He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance, repent! Have Faith in the Lord, turn away from your wicked ways, Jesus is coming! Today is the day of Salvation, JESUS IS COMING! WAKE UP!

    Aljay PianoAljay Piano2 oy oldin
  • Is this the basketball version of mrbeast

    Fred BennettFred Bennett2 oy oldin
  • i really wanted to see the other angle from the hoop for that last shot:(

    bmnbraydenbmnbrayden2 oy oldin
  • i'll take the $$ for fortnite skins.

    Mac CraigMac Craig2 oy oldin
  • 1:15 aint that a shaw free throw?

    Yaya YoyoYaya Yoyo2 oy oldin
  • The thumbnail was a lie

    ballinballin2 oy oldin
  • kyrie

    Cyrus AshlockCyrus Ashlock2 oy oldin
  • Nike precision 4

    BaljeetBaljeet2 oy oldin
  • Everyone watching this pls know that god loves everyone even if you did alot of things that is bad god will forgive you because it shows you that Jesus died for our sins

    Amartey TvAmartey Tv2 oy oldin
  • 6:50 kris you should get the babyliss pro foil fx02

    Uchi_Hec HurricaneUchi_Hec Hurricane2 oy oldin
  • Jesser got no Hops, barely even touched backboard

    Anahis RAnahis R2 oy oldin
  • bro get mopi some camo crocs lol lmaoo

    Edward WertEdward Wert2 oy oldin
  • 16:02

    Gaming PlayzGaming Playz2 oy oldin
  • 9:33

    Gaming PlayzGaming Playz2 oy oldin
  • If someone come out wearing a lonzo ball Jersey you know you're not winning anything

    ViewView2 oy oldin
    • LMAO

      DoubleEditzzDoubleEditzz2 oy oldin
  • I literally called it when kris hit that deep shot

    Nasty KhalidNasty Khalid2 oy oldin
  • “Last to miss free throw” “you have 3 lives”

    lilac wanglilac wang2 oy oldin
  • Get mopi them "midget force 1s".

    MelvinGachaMelvinGacha2 oy oldin
  • Get mopi some sandels

    Samir HakimiSamir Hakimi2 oy oldin
  • Jorden 1s

    panda baconpanda bacon2 oy oldin
  • Mrbeast

    CobraCobra2 oy oldin
  • You should get mopi anything

    Dylan LaxamanaDylan Laxamana2 oy oldin
  • You guys were so bad at pig

    Lauren LaudyLauren Laudy3 oy oldin
  • i thought they were all gonna be super good

    lil_cummytummy_69lil_cummytummy_693 oy oldin
  • 1:37 bro Zack is risking it all

    RageRage3 oy oldin
  • That leftie guy with lbj jersey is just the woorst boi

    TheWarGod12TheWarGod123 oy oldin
  • Dude

    Magnum BrokeMagnum Broke3 oy oldin
  • 0:00 Jesse using some stickem

    Im Frm SpaceIm Frm Space3 oy oldin
  • I say give mopi curry 2s cuz he has terrible a jumpshot

    David ClineDavid Cline3 oy oldin
  • Mopi is the least athletic piece of trash I’ve ever seen

    Kyler MarajKyler Maraj3 oy oldin
  • Sometimes in these type of challenges i think.. why does mopi compete in these😂😂😂

    SheLuvsEndriSheLuvsEndri3 oy oldin
  • Mb,,

    Jordan KirkendollJordan Kirkendoll3 oy oldin
  • Get Mopi some Air Jordans

    Jacob ZimmerlieJacob Zimmerlie3 oy oldin
  • jiedel is the defenition of 0 athletic ability

    Alex RodrigueAlex Rodrigue3 oy oldin
  • Rip😢❤️

    Richard CunninghamRichard Cunningham3 oy oldin
  • Mopi is awful at every challenge EVEN hide n seek. Mopi needs to be booted off 2hype

    NEEYork YankzNEEYork Yankz3 oy oldin
  • You racist

    abdi aliabdi ali3 oy oldin
  • Jesse jumpshot 4:15

    Salty SivixSalty Sivix3 oy oldin
  • man with the lebron jersey is so trash

    sanjirosanjiro3 oy oldin
  • Air Jordan

    Familiar Disc18Familiar Disc183 oy oldin
  • 1:34 how?

    SwagymicswaggerSwagymicswagger3 oy oldin
  • can we talk about how bad these guys are

    Thomas CainesThomas Caines4 oy oldin
  • you guys need to teach mopi how to shoot

    ReirtoReirto4 oy oldin
  • Love that dudes from in the lebron jersey

    Elijah DufourElijah Dufour4 oy oldin

    BigmacbrosBigmacbros4 oy oldin
  • What’s that shooting form?!

    Noah de MeyerNoah de Meyer4 oy oldin
  • man i wished i had a backyard court

    That One GuyThat One Guy4 oy oldin
  • why u scream so much?

    Lennon FilmesLennon Filmes4 oy oldin
  • 2:55 your prize for winning....this lovely GTA 5 mansion behind you.

    StandardTuning4GuitarsStandardTuning4Guitars4 oy oldin
  • James is not even throwing the ball.. he's pushing it LMAO =))

    Edu MailatEdu Mailat4 oy oldin
  • Dont just keep ur hand up in that position for 3 min.... its anoying

    Edu MailatEdu Mailat4 oy oldin
  • Is that even 10 foot tall or are everyone supertall

    Karthik SashankKarthik Sashank4 oy oldin
  • Shalin Mittal

    Shalin MittalShalin Mittal4 oy oldin
  • Literally I don’t think they know they playing for 2K, If I lost I woulda been od tight

    Justin EngJustin Eng4 oy oldin
  • Mopi shudve wore the lonzo jersey

    Judy ThaiJudy Thai4 oy oldin
  • The music on the hula hoop gave me so much anxiety because it just wouldn’t go in but it kept having bass drops😂

  • Keeping up with the shooter and the life’s left is a real sport

    OpeyOpey4 oy oldin
  • Wow... this was fucking boring

    Gunz X PacifistGunz X Pacifist4 oy oldin
  • Jiedel cheating

    Charmyria CainCharmyria Cain4 oy oldin
  • So basically the one that misses last wins, then just miss on purpose!

    Taggen 27Taggen 274 oy oldin
  • 10:20

    Samuel NeriSamuel Neri4 oy oldin
  • 10:w0

    Samuel NeriSamuel Neri4 oy oldin
  • 1020

    Samuel NeriSamuel Neri4 oy oldin
  • 10 20 the iconic jesser scream

    Samuel NeriSamuel Neri4 oy oldin