Make The Shot - Choose The Mystery Door Challenge

15-Iyl, 2020
1 320 812 Ko‘rishlar soni

Today we played last to miss the shot gets to open a mystery door!
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INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀
Make The Shot, Leave The FREEZING Ice Bath Challenge!
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  • God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 727 kun oldin
  • zack knows the ways he been alive for billions of years

    wallygo crazy13wallygo crazy1311 kun oldin
  • gay

    Darsh ShahDarsh Shah18 kun oldin
  • Willie barebecux

    Shabd RaiShabd Rai27 kun oldin
  • Who else is mad that they don’t play baseball and don’t use the cage

    Aren QuinteroAren Quintero29 kun oldin
  • James stop being so awkward it’s annoying just don’t be in the videos

    Spencer KwonSpencer KwonOy oldin
  • Its been a while since i saw them play on the 2hype house

    Jeikobu GamingJeikobu GamingOy oldin
  • Bro that dude goes for the Philadelphia 76ers how about Lakers

    Andre FaneAndre FaneOy oldin
  • Can u make more of these

    Mark ReeseMark ReeseOy oldin
  • 0:10 I respect Jiedel honestly. Nobodys talking about this

    Ammata thammavongsaAmmata thammavongsaOy oldin
  • "the simmons jersey giving him powers from this range" lmaooooo

    William FabianoWilliam FabianoOy oldin
  • Everybody got silver corner specialist lol

    Marques PearsonMarques Pearson2 oy oldin
  • I just wanna ask jiedel how one is so awkward celebrating 💀😭

    Thomas NavaretteThomas Navarette2 oy oldin
  • btw how many bball courts do you have

    Liam gamesLiam games2 oy oldin
  • He uploaded on my bday

    Paige MccratePaige Mccrate2 oy oldin
  • jessy cheated

    Joey ValdezJoey Valdez2 oy oldin
  • Thank you for the insane content

    Meagan WallaceMeagan Wallace2 oy oldin
  • 🔥🤙✊

    adrian prietoadrian prieto2 oy oldin
  • Where is jessers UZworld store I wanna see those kyries

    BW The DonBW The Don2 oy oldin
  • I'd pass out from hot sauce

    Derpy DerpDerpy Derp2 oy oldin
  • Zack

    Jakob Lil Bank GangJakob Lil Bank Gang3 oy oldin
  • Jesser that was sus

    Underthe-Mask_Underthe-Mask_3 oy oldin
  • james nike id shoe is dissapointed

    Zachary GoodZachary Good3 oy oldin
  • I love how Jesser explained how hot the sauce was by saying he was sucking on satins D***

    Logan AlbrittonLogan Albritton3 oy oldin
  • Sup

    Maigan BirchfieldMaigan Birchfield3 oy oldin
  • Wow

    Jamir McHenryJamir McHenry3 oy oldin
  • Absolutely no : Every attention whore ever: 2:57

    MrWonderMrWonder3 oy oldin
  • did jesser say the n word minute 9:19?

    Victor RiveraVictor Rivera3 oy oldin
  • My favorite was Zack was making more baskets often, and jesser also Cashnasty my favorites also Kris

    Splash thunderSplash thunder4 oy oldin
  • Nobody: Jesse: It is last to mess

    janjanjanjan4 oy oldin
  • Has cash ever talked about Mitch in his vids

    Volume_ Sm0keVolume_ Sm0ke4 oy oldin
  • Moppi is the goat

    Andrew Bill88Andrew Bill884 oy oldin
  • If course Zach copped the dad shoe😂

    Prodigy 2KProdigy 2K4 oy oldin
    • Zack*

      Prodigy 2KProdigy 2K4 oy oldin
  • My sister has that scoter

    Jacob SlavenJacob Slaven4 oy oldin
  • Mitchell did not get cheated 💀 he said he’d go for it so i meann

    MinyonMinyon4 oy oldin
  • Zack Lace Up!

    Stevie BarnerStevie Barner5 oy oldin
  • The next shot is a three throw - jessie

    SkythSkyth5 oy oldin
  • 6:52 big pause

    Hashirama SenjuHashirama Senju5 oy oldin
  • Hey

    Martavious TisbyMartavious Tisby5 oy oldin
  • Todd was the doorman

    AZandBenji’s 10,000 HoursAZandBenji’s 10,000 Hours5 oy oldin
  • When Zach shoots his follow through arm moves to the side keep it shraight

    julius lunajulius luna5 oy oldin
  • Am I the only one that roots for Mitchell most of the time no real reason just feels right

    Daniel CurtinDaniel Curtin5 oy oldin
  • Wtf were those bird sounds

    Wasted KnowledgeWasted Knowledge5 oy oldin
  • Is moochie in 2hype

    adamgraves21adamgraves215 oy oldin
  • Moochie: I only need one Me:you must need three

    YoRexYoRex5 oy oldin
  • James you are fat all the time

    ben buckets27ben buckets275 oy oldin
  • miss the shot, get kicked in the nuts

    Bleep BloopBleep Bloop5 oy oldin
  • Wht was the song name

    T'Air HarrisT'Air Harris5 oy oldin
  • so we’re not gonna talk about the devil pen15 sucking joke 😂😂

    Boombaclot fupoonBoombaclot fupoon5 oy oldin
  • How do I join 2hype

    AJ AtayiAJ Atayi5 oy oldin
  • 😣😣

    Lawson ByrdLawson Byrd5 oy oldin
  • What happened to posting the nike id on your yt story I know you got em cause I got mine and I ordered mine after you 😂

    YSS_ CEOYSS_ CEO6 oy oldin
  • No one: Absolutely no one: James: I feel really fat today and I dont know why

    Kaela BowmanKaela Bowman6 oy oldin
  • Surprise: The box prize is just a piece of paper

    Ryan WatsonRyan Watson6 oy oldin
  • to all members of the 2hype i think zack is the most GOAT in baskteball

    Hunt DanieltvHunt Danieltv6 oy oldin
  • 7:45 the left red circle for Mitchell is only partially full.

    Arjun PisharodyArjun Pisharody6 oy oldin
  • Its weird because some of you won and got a punished...

    Nick AndersonNick Anderson6 oy oldin
  • I want a house with my friends after I am done with school you guys make it look so fun

  • SATAN has had a bad day

    DriFT_VisUalZ_YTDriFT_VisUalZ_YT6 oy oldin
  • Mitchel jumpshot reminds me of 2k18 absolute trash

    Yee YeetYee Yeet6 oy oldin
  • the irony of zack winning from the corner 3 even though he’s in the Ben Simmons Jesey

    Luke ChambersLuke Chambers6 oy oldin
  • What did James say? Nike ID?

    Tyler HayesTyler Hayes6 oy oldin
  • Jesser phone at 3am: *Ding *Ding *DIng *DING *DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING Jesser: -_- i regret this

    Forgive txilsForgive txils6 oy oldin
  • Where’s the car

    AtomicOwl 24378AtomicOwl 243786 oy oldin
  • Moochie jumped in socks

    Paul MutwiriPaul Mutwiri6 oy oldin
  • Anyone else watching after the new one👇🏽👇🏽

    Harsha SureshHarsha Suresh6 oy oldin
  • jersser i hate you

    Regina ShearerRegina Shearer6 oy oldin
  • jesser a little sus now

    GavinGavin6 oy oldin
  • Jesser do a GOAT Yao pack opening for old times sake

    Joey 15Joey 156 oy oldin
  • Who else noticed how they took of moochiepoint when James shot it at the end

    Slay_respect YTSlay_respect YT6 oy oldin
  • Yeah

    Tyler SpencerTyler Spencer6 oy oldin
  • Kris would definitely say "Pause Bro" at 6:52

    Goated VidsGoated Vids6 oy oldin
  • Who keep watching is over again

    Issac FordIssac Ford6 oy oldin
  • Mopi should do masterclass

    Dastyn GonzalezDastyn Gonzalez6 oy oldin
  • I’m eating the nuclear noodles right now watching this and I’m dieing

    EZ imagineEZ imagine6 oy oldin
  • 6:56 pause

    Code RiftyCode Rifty6 oy oldin
  • when did zack get so clutch??

    Maddi SinclairMaddi Sinclair6 oy oldin
  • @6:53 is the moment james disowned jesse 😂💀

    Maddi SinclairMaddi Sinclair6 oy oldin
  • Why is Jiedel’s shot so flat lmao

    Will PogueWill Pogue6 oy oldin
  • Why is Zach wearing a Simmons jersey?

    Stacy PrestonStacy Preston6 oy oldin
  • I made some custom shoes they are cool thanks for the website :D

    Nixxon KereopaNixxon Kereopa6 oy oldin
  • 2hype boxing match

    Life With SanjeanLife With Sanjean6 oy oldin
  • Tell me why Todd is just annoying

    Reilly MReilly M6 oy oldin
  • 6:51 *pause*

    Amy RhymerAmy Rhymer6 oy oldin
  • Did anyone recognize that they told jiedel foot on the line but Mitchell's was way past and Jesser 2hype members are haters

    mckinley cartermckinley carter6 oy oldin
  • 6:51

    Kendrick BurksKendrick Burks6 oy oldin
  • Every shot No one 2hype member BLuuRRRR BlUUUURRRRRRR

    Justin GrayJustin Gray6 oy oldin
  • Zack gets so hype for eltrick scooter sorry spelt electricity wrong

    Stef SmithStef Smith6 oy oldin
  • Jesser and Iman Videos

    Fe_ShannonFe_Shannon6 oy oldin
  • Wai you brek op wit iman

    Oto BergmanisOto Bergmanis6 oy oldin
  • All lives matter

    MatrixMatrix6 oy oldin
    • I’m sure it is to you

      MatrixMatrix5 oy oldin
    • Cap

      T'Air HarrisT'Air Harris5 oy oldin
  • moochie needs to be in 2hype

    Joey MarinoJoey Marino6 oy oldin
  • Ayooooo

    InMyDuffyInMyDuffy6 oy oldin
  • Actually he won one

    Oskar JohnsonOskar Johnson6 oy oldin
  • Moochie: I only need one life Also moochie: loses all three of the three point challenges

    Oskar JohnsonOskar Johnson6 oy oldin
  • It is what it is

    John C. VoltoliniJohn C. Voltolini6 oy oldin
  • Michal made it from the 2hype logo that is a sign

    Ian SurlaIan Surla6 oy oldin
  • Uhhh helloo! Where’s mopi at?😂🤣

    Sean EtisSean Etis6 oy oldin
  • Todd goes don’t ask where I was keeping that on the hot sauce😂

    Robbie HoffmanRobbie Hoffman6 oy oldin
  • The guy at the door tries to give them punishments and switch’s doors

    Z AisenbergZ Aisenberg6 oy oldin