Make The Impossible Trickshot, WIN The Christmas Shopping Spree!

4-Dek, 2020
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Time for another make the shot, win the prize, but this time a Christmas shopping spree is on the line!
Make The 0.1% Chance Trickshot, WIN The PS5
Whatever Shot Makes, I’ll Buy - Challenge
Thanks to @Tristan Jass and @Moochie for joining me in the video!
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    • OMG MAN! I'm a Huge huge fan and I'm THANKFUL for it 🔥🔥

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  • You can’t say sub to them because my Chanel was took down

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  • Messed getting hit with the ball 9.49

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  • I’m watching messer to get away from my parents devorse

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  • I love you videos so so so so much

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  • whos watching when he broke his arm

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  • God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

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  • The Tristan jass logo looks trash do a real hoop you are a grown up

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  • The one layup Jesse does internally rotates his shoulder

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  • Jesser. I actually liked every 514 posts on ur instagram. If u check u will see the proof.

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  • Am I the only one thinking about the basketball give away 😂😂 @ thatso_lane

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  • 9:35 9:51 10:51 cmon man💀

  • Dylan.terry11 yo u got me right big bro

  • Aw man... I would love to get a basketball from you guys.... Unfortunately I'm late, and I'm from Brazil, shipping Is kind of expensive... BUT, my Instagram Is @Kai_the_player... Love you guys! 🙃

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  • Jesser for your own health dont stand in bottom of the fucking rim u just got stitched up

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  • @itsmal.ig I would love to have a ball because you guys and all members of 2HYPE are my YT idols!

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  • Moochie got crazy shooting skills they underrated. But on the real Jessie needs to be in a 3pt contest

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  • IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤

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  • IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤

    Arron RhasperArron RhasperOy oldin
  • IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤

    Arron RhasperArron RhasperOy oldin
  • IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤

    Arron RhasperArron RhasperOy oldin
  • IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤

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