Steph Curry Roasted Me...

3-Dek, 2020
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So Steph Curry reviewed my golf swing...
I'm back again checking out the hottest posts on the Jesser subreddit!
I Joined 100 Thieves...
How I Lost $100,000...
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  • Ur golf swing ass

    Declan PaterekDeclan Paterek15 kun oldin
  • jesse bout to be an alcoholic

    FlamasaurusFlamasaurus21 kun oldin
  • Go to 8:50 and look at the bottom!!!! So gross.

    Rylan HauserRylan Hauser24 kun oldin
  • I cant join the reddit😭

    Nancy NelsonNancy Nelson27 kun oldin
  • Congrats on turning off all the comments

    CWS Wrestling AnimationsCWS Wrestling AnimationsOy oldin
  • Jesse: Steph Curry roasted me! Flight: Even though i got roasted i am still happy he mentioned me

    Hacker Your deadHacker Your deadOy oldin
  • When jesser doesn’t know that 🦖 went extinct 66 million yrs ago

    DXRK_YTDXRK_YTOy oldin
  • Lmao

    Monia kMonia kOy oldin
  • MMG fans were you at

    Gabriel rheingansGabriel rheingansOy oldin
  • Nobody: Jesser: where did that cum from?

    YT InSan3YT InSan3Oy oldin
  • I hope the channel keeps going I have tons of merch and I wear it every day and my parents want to hit me every time I try to wear it to a fancy restaurant.

    Max YepezMax YepezOy oldin
  • R.I.P to Kenny's $1,000

    Kelvin 25 GOATKelvin 25 GOATOy oldin
  • people 100 present openings with 100t jesser i am going to do or in December me it already December

  • Jesus loves you spread the word

    Cadon BucklesCadon BucklesOy oldin
  • Lmao, Courage wildin’ hahahaha

    Ese AuneseEse AuneseOy oldin
  • otf_pslime

    Psn pPsn pOy oldin
  • @Jaxshelsy

    Jackson ShelsyJackson ShelsyOy oldin
  • Jesser listens to juice????????????

    Turbo The goatTurbo The goatOy oldin
  • Kenny lost 1,000$ shortly after.

    Overdrive ProductionsOverdrive ProductionsOy oldin
  • he really said im finna put u on to bangers then said logic justin beiber chance the rapper and kid laroi 😭😭

    J.T. CallahanJ.T. CallahanOy oldin
  • JOLIEGH_18 🤪🤪🤪 jessermasss

    Angelena VegaAngelena VegaOy oldin
  • Wow

    iliketurtlesiliketurtlesOy oldin
  • The fact that jesser is better than curry horse

    TheLock GamerTheLock GamerOy oldin
  • Good but just not Curry good 😂😂😂😂

    Top SecretTop SecretOy oldin
  • Lets be honest we all r waiting for jessermas

    Armaan KhanArmaan KhanOy oldin
  • Jesser, Payton said that it depends on where it goes. When the ball goes ten feet directly to the left it defeats his point.

    Get SnipedGet SnipedOy oldin
  • IG: TheRealDealKOD

    TheRealDealKODTheRealDealKODOy oldin
  • Bruv I thought these were on jsr

    Bobbys PiratesBobbys PiratesOy oldin
  • Jesser needs to give me a 999?in the comments

    TRK AstrosSports PlayTRK AstrosSports PlayOy oldin
  • Ig: colin_isballin

    ColinColinOy oldin
  • Petition to change Jesser back to Jesserthelazer

    Cringekid419Cringekid419Oy oldin

    Phuggi_SmallsPhuggi_SmallsOy oldin
    • its a joke btw

      Phuggi_SmallsPhuggi_SmallsOy oldin
  • Ig sabih_m23

    sabih muhammadsabih muhammadOy oldin
  • anyone realize he posted on his main channel and not his second channel

    Mr. Big BrainMr. Big BrainOy oldin
  • jesser can u plz fucking post on jesser vr im not saying anything bad im just sad

    HypeMoneyHypeMoneyOy oldin
  • Said thAt before jesse

    chris clarke cabezaschris clarke cabezasOy oldin
  • Charles only said that because his swing is bad

    chris clarke cabezaschris clarke cabezasOy oldin
  • @agcoutelle

    andres coutelleandres coutelleOy oldin
  • @badar.s35

    Badar SahiBadar SahiOy oldin
  • @50percent.immortal @Jo3yMusic

    JdoubleyouJdoubleyouOy oldin
  • Why isn't this on jsr

    Robbie CrockettRobbie CrockettOy oldin
  • Bring back the old jessermas intro please

    CptBosniaCptBosniaOy oldin
  • 🔥💯

  • Kenny just lost $1000

    Christian SubiaChristian SubiaOy oldin
  • I am soo happy to see Juice Wrld in one of your videos

    Lebron JamesLebron JamesOy oldin
  • bro Jesse you need to make that a 2hype jersey

    Noah GarciaNoah GarciaOy oldin
  • This guy really came out of the certen

    Kevin LazoKevin LazoOy oldin
  • You have a new hairstyle that covers your birthmark but we all know what your hiding

    robbie 1robbie 1Oy oldin
  • Has anyone noticed how he keeps deleting his vids???? What’s going on Jess?

    Melanie Forehan-KellyMelanie Forehan-KellyOy oldin
  • My handle is @zabuzavincent

    Vincent MirrioneVincent MirrioneOy oldin
  • Anyone else remember when Jesser was fat? Proud of him!!!

  • Jesser make a best Humphrey best moments montage to show how elite and inspirational he has been throughout your UZworld career

    Branden PershinBranden PershinOy oldin
  • “Everyone put your money one me” Proceeds to lose to papa meags.

    Maurice DouekMaurice DouekOy oldin
    • PAPA

      Some random meme boiSome random meme boiOy oldin
  • Jesser i can see the future and you lost i am sorry to tell you

    poke jagpoke jagOy oldin
  • Who’s here before 15 k likes

    Sup Cuh 13Sup Cuh 13Oy oldin
  • Nobody: Jesser : wears the same jersey 3 videos in a row

    Iceman8791Iceman8791Oy oldin
  • Let’s go MMG

    Isaiah VigilIsaiah VigilOy oldin
  • Include valkyrae

    Comeback CenteralComeback CenteralOy oldin
  • Fr

    Syphon OkSyphon OkOy oldin
  • i’m confused? He said he has a golf tournament this friday but the tournament already passed???

    Jsh RevengeJsh RevengeOy oldin
  • Οι Έλληνες που ήρθαν να δουν τα comments

    Nikos ZacharatosNikos ZacharatosOy oldin
  • 5:13. Wait, he’s that young

    LegoatLegoatOy oldin
  • vick__maturu

    Vick MaturuVick MaturuOy oldin
  • Jesse’s editor does jesse so wrong

    Evan WhiteEvan WhiteOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂 this was funny!

    Micai GeorgeMicai GeorgeOy oldin
  • I miss 2017 jessermas

    Big boy BigBig boy BigOy oldin
  • Charles Barkley has introduced the pump fake into golf

    Parker BodleyParker BodleyOy oldin
  • He litterly has the same songs as me

    Cole McfaddenCole McfaddenOy oldin
  • Jesse has a major glow up this year

    BreBreOy oldin
  • “It’s Humphreys world, I’m just living in it” - Jesser 2020

    Jack FeslerJack FeslerOy oldin
  • tell curry to shut up because he lost to charles barkeley in golf

    seeni boyyyseeni boyyyOy oldin
    • rip

      JosiahJosiahOy oldin
  • "Kris pulled up on me late at night"

    Baby AniBaby AniOy oldin
  • Imagine if flight got roasted by curry. He would end his channel and cry in his room for hours. Then he would become a LeBron fan

    Jumbo GumboJumbo GumboOy oldin
  • Can u make saying yes to someone content

    atharayn pramadhiatharayn pramadhiOy oldin
  • Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven worldly rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it cussing is a sin

    Millie PuppyMillie PuppyOy oldin
  • 5:15 did jesser just expose zacks full name????

    Matthew BandaMatthew BandaOy oldin
  • 5:12 spam Zack with this

    NoahNoahOy oldin
  • @RealestJose

    Jose Camarena 3Jose Camarena 3Oy oldin
  • Jesser said that those odds for the golf competition were trash but they were actually spot on

    Evan KenderdineEvan KenderdineOy oldin
  • Hey Jesser thank you for being my top UZworldr that I love to watch. Your my second best UZworldr. Please let everyone know that everyone in 2HYPE DID F$&KING amazing. Please stay safe during this pandemic 😷. PS: Today is Lukes Birthday 🎂 Please give PLG a shout out Please. Also My 2 best friends Peyton and GINO can’t stop watching your videos 😂

    PLGPLGOy oldin
  • petition to bring back the old jessermas intro

    Jeikobu GamingJeikobu GamingOy oldin
  • Idk ab the playlist jesser😳😡

    BuckeyejaseBuckeyejaseOy oldin
  • Ok

    syno tr3ysyno tr3yOy oldin
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    cholistan foodcholistan foodOy oldin
  • Did he say holy was on his playlist

    Javon JJavon JOy oldin
  • Did u post on the wrong channel??🤣😂

    Rhino FRhino FOy oldin
  • “Kris pulled up on me late at night. I was vibing” hahahsjhshsjsbd

    jake palmerjake palmerOy oldin
  • Anyone else wonder why this is on Jesser not JSR

    Grady MetskerGrady MetskerOy oldin
  • Bro that burger race idea is straight FIRE

    ThePokemanGuyThePokemanGuyOy oldin
  • Does anyone know what kind of camera Jesser has?

    Nicolas Harris VlogsNicolas Harris VlogsOy oldin
  • instagram: ayee.swish🥺

    Ayee SwishAyee SwishOy oldin
  • Where is vlogmas?

    FeaR MaulFeaR MaulOy oldin
  • yo jesser have the meme glasses come back to the shop!!!!!!

    hihiOy oldin
  • Is your shoulder okay?

    SynekSynekOy oldin
  • jesse wanna cry so bad

    Legend GamingLegend GamingOy oldin

    Bladimir RamirezBladimir RamirezOy oldin
  • That is a good thing to do in life only at the time of the day okay

    Tracy McSwainTracy McSwainOy oldin

    Lil KINGLil KINGOy oldin
  • Charles barkley doesn't know how to swing and you did better than him and thats why he give you a compliment 🤣🤣🤣(no hate on you)

    FrizzyFrizzyOy oldin
  • why is this on the main channel

    KD 11KD 11Oy oldin